's Amazing carnivore sandwich

Hi, my name is Jacob. I am going to teach you how to make a carnivore sandwich.my name is Jacob. I am going to teach you

This sandwich is made from bacon, ham and sweetcorn. If you are vegans or vegetarian you should not eat this. I hope you enjoy it.

Wash your hands as best as you can with soap.

Take out your bread and make sure it is not over the due date. Get your bacon, ham and sweetcorn and separate them into different boards.

Firstly, place your bacon on the bread and make sure that it is away from other food.

Secondly, place your ham on your bread.

Thirdly, sprinkle your sweetcorn on your bread and make sure it does not go anywhere.

Cut your bread into quarters – make sure they are equal.

If you have any mess clear it up and put it in the bin.

All done! I hope you have enjoyed this video and thank you for watching this video.

This sandwich is really nice with a can of coke or a dessert of apple-pie.