's amazing guide on how to manicure and pedicure

I will start with a manicure.

First we will get your customers hand and get I nail file and then you use the nail file on their hand.

You need to file it really neatly on each finger. Then we get this type of gel thing and we paint it onto their fingers and wait for about one minute.

Next get the nail varnish that they really like; unscrew the lid dip it in and then paint it on to their nails.

Once you’ve done that you wait for them to dry for five minutes and when they have done drying if the nail varnish is not strong enough you can do another coating but right now I won’t.

I will move onto the shiny see-through nail varnish that I really like because it make your nails shiny.

Before the nails have done drying you can get a really nice diamond bead – sorry I really love diamonds they are so diamondy!

So anyway, we place the nail bead or diamond on carefully and if you for sure want it to stay on for a long period of time. Then we do the other hand and once you have done that, you can go on to doing the pedicure. So first you get your customers feet and then place them onto a cosy seat that for sure they will like, because it has a massager and a cup holder to hold their drink.

Afterwards we will get some warm water place it onto this little bowl underneath their feet and then you turn the bubble water on so you customer will enjoy a nice jacuzzi for their feet and plus it is warm.

We take one foot out of the water and then use a pumice stone to scrape all of the dead and disgusting skin off their feet and then we give there feet a lovely massage so they might pay you extra money for giving them a massage.

Then they have asked me to put the nail varnish in a rainbow colour, so I got the following colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink.

I know that you only have 5 toes on one foot, but I am going to do it on one foot leading onto another.

So, first we get the red paint and then paint it onto her foot and then so on and after the nails are dry, we can do another coating and then after that coat has dried we get the shiny see-through nail varnish and paint it over.

If you like we can add the beads onto the toe nails and then if you want them to feel really refreshed, we can put some lovely cream onto their hands and then our customer for the day is done. Thank you for listening to my amazing guide on how to do a pedicure and manicure.