's Basic multiplication trick

My name is Presley, I am 11 years old and I will teach you how to do this very simple maths trick!!

The reason I like maths is because it could help you in times when you need it.

To prove this could help you, I will show you and redo a calculation step by step. The calculation I will do is 96×99.

First step is to do 100-96, which is 4. Then you do 100-99, which is 1.

Step 2: Then you take away 4 from 99 which is 95.

Step 3, finally you do 4×1 which is 4. And you realise that there is two zeros in 100, so 96×99 is 9504.

This maths trick could help you in many different ways. For example: if you are shopping, in school or when you are doing a job.

You can use any different two digit numbers for this trick.