Best at doing nails

I am writing about how to make your nails marvellous.

Hello, my name is Sophie and today I am going to show you how to make your nails marvellous.

You DO NOT just grab any colour – you pick the best colour you have, and you can do a rainbow type of nails, but me – I would go for red with black spots.

Ok, so when you are doing this, you do not just put it on, because it will get a lumpy. If you were to do it the way I was to then trust me you will be asked to do everyone’s nails!

Because it is not about showing off, it is that you want to look nice.

Maybe you are going on a date, or your anniversary might be tomorrow and you and your boyfriend get dressed up.

He might think it is just another day – well trust me it is not! He has to make it a day you will never forget.

When you do your nails, you do not just do them. Wait for them to dry, as I am going to show you.

Ok, so first get you base colour and try and make it look nice with the brush. You do not need to keep getting more nail varnish every ten seconds because you will have lots of nail varnish and plus it will nasty, so trust me when I say do not do this, because I really mean DO NOT do it. If you have listened by the time I have said this you have probably done it already.

If you are doing two colours, then wait for the first colour to dry, because if you do not wait for it to dry then trust me it is going to be so ugly – and if you are listening, then you will know what to do so after you do the background then wait for it to dry. My back ground is red and once that has dried, then put you second colour on and wait for it to dry. It looks nice. I have tried it – it looked like the best one I have done so far but it all depends on the way you do your nails. Because as you lot should probably know by now – I am the best at doing nails because of the way I do my nails but other people tell me to do their nails because I am so good at it.

When I have finished putting my black spots on then OMG I am the best at doing nails!

You can become better and better because I told you it is all to do with how you put your nail varnish on.

The way I learnt is to keep on trying and never give up, because this is the only way you are going to learn and as I have told you all, you should never give up.

Ok, my video should show you how to do the best nails and do not forget to subscribe and like my video, or I am coming for you.