's Captivating chocolate milkshake

How to make a Captivating Chocolate milkshake!

Hello and welcome to my show on how to make an amazing chocolate milkshake.

So, to start with you need to get: some milk, a chocolate powder, some sugar a blender, a spoon and a cup.

To, start with, we need to get the cup and the milk and put the milk into the cup. Then we drop it into the blender to start make the milkshake. Try and get some skimmed milk of the green lid because it will be more fresh and delicious. If I were you I wouldn’t put the chocolate in the cup with the milk at the same time because all the chocolate would get stick at the bottom of the cup.

Next, we get the spoon and we add four teaspoons of chocolate powder and we put it in the blender with milk. After that, we add a wee sprinkle of plain sugar. Then we turn on the blender for 2 mins.

When it is done, pour it in the cup and buvualla! Your chocolate milkshake is complete.

And all that hard work deserves a treat. So, thank you for watching my video, hope you enjoyed it. And I hope that now you know how to make a phenomenal chocolate milkshake. If you did like it please comment and subscribe or like. Thank you Bye for now. See you next time! Ingredients: Milk, chocolate powder, blender fake and spoon.

Dylan Bedoya.