's Chicken deli sweet chilli sandwich

Hello!!!! Everyone, my name’s Ladi and I am here to teach you guys how to make a chicken deli sweet chilli sandwich, that will keep your belly happy.

STEP1…You first get your soft bread, the buns, any type of bread you want, you get some smoothing butter if you like it.

Next you open that sweet chilly [heat it up first] then you pour it all over the butter and on the bread.

STEP2…Then you get some delicious meat [AKA] chicken, yes everyone that nice meat the smell is taking your somewhere else because it smells so nice but let’s control ourselves.

STEP3…After all that you can add any ingredients you want, I will give you a good one tomato.

STEP4…you can also put fruits in your sandwich – or crisps.

Here are 2or3 more this is being extra I know but I don’t care, cheese and maybe popcorn chicken – I don’t know, whatever fills you up.

STEP5…here is the food part and you can do what you want put any thing you want. I don’t like being extra but I have to do this here – I like to add thing like chocolate, berries anything.

You just quickly open your bread and put these things on it. I bet all of your ingredients look and taste nice

STEP6…Finally you get a plate and start filling up your belly… umm, that tastes real good

enjoy everyone [Keep On Eating].