's Delicious sandwich and drink

Hello guys, my name is Eren, and today I will be making a delicious sandwich.

First we have to get our white bread and spread butter all over both pieces.

Next, we get our 4 chopped tomatoes and put them on each corner of the bread.

After that, we get 6 pieces of pepperoni and spread them all around the bread.

Next up, we get some lettuce and put them on top of the pepperoni, after we get four more slices of tomatoes and then put it on the lettuce.

After all that, we get we get the other piece of bread and put it on top of the tomatoes.

Then, guess what, we have finished our delicious sandwich that we were working so hard on.

I think it’s not quite time to eat it because there is a drink that goes with it.

First carefully get out your blender out and start by cutting the fruit in half.

Then throw the pieces into the blender with the skin taken off, and wait for the blender to chop up all the fruits. This will take approximately 4-5 mins. Just in case you want to know what I used for fruit, I used 6 pieces of grapefruit, 7 oranges and 3 bananas.