Fuzzphysics ...by

Hello everybody, today I’m going to show you my own game called “Fuzzphysics”

I got the idea from a game called “Soccerphysics” which I combined with “Fuzzball” to create a new game.

If you want to play my fantastic game you will need a dice, a person to play with, a small ball and a fuzzball table.

First, you roll the dice before you play and every number means something different.

  1. No goal keepers.
  2. 2 Points if you score
  3. Play rock, paper, scissors. The player who wins put’s the ball anywhere they want for 3 turns!
  4. You must hit the ball within 5 seconds, if you score you get a minus point (If you wait too long you lose 2 points)
  5. Close one eye until the next goal.
  6. And finally…Use two balls until the next goal.

If you want my advice don’t spin the player because you might score in your own goal!