's Guide on how to make an appetizing omelette!

Welcome to my guide on how to make delicious omelette.

First you need to get your ingredients.

My ingredients are: ham and spring onions and eggs mmm delicious.

Secondly cut the ham into little pieces.

Then you get a container and put the ham into it once the pieces are cut.

Next you cut the spring onions into little pieces and put it into the container, you can put the end into it if you want to but I’m not.

After all of that jazz, you get a frying pan and get some butter to keep the egg from sticking and put it into the pan and swirl it arroouunnd.

Then crack some eggs. I’m going to put in 2 because I think that it’s the best amount to put into the pan and put them into another container.

And once that is done you put the little pieces of the ingredients in first then you put the eggs in the pan and make sure that the eggs go in after the ingredients that you have chopped up. After a few minutes turn it over to check if it is done if so then get a plate get a spatula or something to pick it up and enjoy.

I will need paper, rubix cube cubes, a doily and a yellow post it note.