's guide to FIFA

If you are a beginner on Fifa then firstly you need set up your team in the right way.

What I mean by that is to search your club and have all of the gold players that you have in the squad to be on the your starting eleven. You will get lots of free gold packs and if you are just starting then you will need to keep all of the players that you get so you can sell them on and make money.

I recommend that all of the cards that are not players or stadiums that you get, that you don’t sell them because if you have contract cards or anything then they will come in very handy.

You might have a full silver team by now, if you have followed the steps.

If you do, then you should sell some of your bronze players, and you will have a decent amount of money.

So then choose the league that you want to have the players from, and go to the transfer market and search for any position players, from that league to go on your team.

So by this point you would probably be on non rare to rare gold players (which is if you have enough coins for rare gold players because that are EXPENSIVE!)

So by this point you will have to again play a lot of matches to gain lots of coins. Then buy players from that league again.

If there are silver players that you have which you don’t need then you should sell them to get even more money and buy more players from that league.

Now you should search for players from one position instead of any, because you could have a rare gold player in one position and a non rare gold in another.

And you are going to want to have all rare gold players on your starting eleven – this is a team that I made.

That is how to make a decent team from a certain league.