's Guide to katate

Hi my name is Jacob. You guys might have seen my previous film, Jacob’s amazing carnivore sandwich but now I am going to teach you karate.

Karate is a sport. It has two different bases; one of them is kumite and the other is kata. I am going to teach you kumite.

In Japanese, kumite means fighting. There are two different bases to that as well and it is offence and defence.

Karate traditionally was created in India but then moved all over Asia. There are hundreds of different karate types the one I am going to teach you is shota kan karate.

1st kicks:

forward kick
Back kick
Heal kick

2nd strikes:

4 strike

3rd punches:

6 punches

4th block:

7 blocks

5rd flykick:

1 flykick

6th elbows:

3 elbows

Please do not do these at home, or in an enclosed area. Do these outside please. Thanks for watching… bye!