's guide to making a paper tennis ball

Step one: scrunch paper ball, firmly.

Step two: coloured paper, wrap around.

Step three: super glue – use an adult.

Step four: stripes around it – I use white.

Step five: other ball

My name is Tariq and I’m making a tennis ball because my sister likes tennis and I will like it to be a present to her because it will make her happy.

And if your brother or sister likes tennis you can make it for them.

Or, if you like tennis, you can make it for yourself.

You will need:

Green paper and white paper, which needs to be A4.

Super glue (adult supervision required)

White paint/paint brush.


1) First, get an A4 white paper and firmly scrunch it into a small round paperball.

2) Secondly, scrunch another A4 white paper and scrunch it around the ball.

3) Then, add three A4 white papers to it again and keep the ball shape. If needed, stick the loose pieces down with super glue.

4) Cut 2 cm by 2 cm square green paper and then stick it with super glue.

Get an adult to do this for you.

Stick the green paper so that you do not see white bits.

You can write your sister’s or brother’s name on it, or yours.