's guide to warrior cats

Hello guys, Emily here.

Today, I’m going to teach you a guide to the amazing best seller book series, Warrior Cats.

So, first of all, I will tell you the four Cat Clan names. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan and RiverClan. And StarClan for any cats that die and after have a Clan to still be in a clan.

Now, I will tell you about three cats; cats from ThunderClan and WindClan.

The first cat is a dark brown tabby tom, with amber eyes called BrambleClaw. Currently, BrambleClaw is a warrior in ThunderClan, and is very loyal to his Clan mates, and to his leader, FireStar.

The second cat I’m going to tell you about is a tom with blue eyes named CrowPaw.

He got his Warrior name in series two of Warrior Cats, and was officially called CrowFeather. He had many mates, such as FeatherTail, LeafPool and NightCloud.

The last cat I am going to tell you about is a grey-blueish cat named CinderPelt.

Her mate used to be FireStar, and her name was CinderHeart, but she wanted him to be the clan leader, so she became a medecine cat in ThunderClan.

Well, thank you for watching my guide to Warrior Cats! I hope you read them someday, or if you already have them, enjoy it a lot.

Thanks for watching bye!