How Lego can be inspirational

Hello, I’m Johnny and I am going to show you how Lego can be a source of inspiration to you.

It all started when my friend that I should build something military.

That is when I thought to build the Lego air carrier I am about to show you. (Also I didn’t follow instructions for this construction.)

  1. Always plan ahead.
  1. Think of an idea: a robot, aeroplane, submarine, a tank etc…
  1. Find somewhere quiet. If you can’t, be aware of other people, because there are many dangers: slipping off a Lego brick, or someone who thinks it is funny to steal your Lego bricks.
  1. Make it look symmetrical

This air carrier is a four in one Lego construction.

The big airplane is made of 5 parts. The mini jet is made of 2 parts. The robots are made out of 3 bits.

If you want to learn about other Lego constructions, type into the internet: “Art of the Brick”

That is how Lego can be a source of inspiration.

Good bye and good luck with your constructions!