How to act with confidence

(When the video starts I act out a Nigerian accent angrily.)

Then I go into position and say:”hello!” My name is Destiny Ajayi.

I am going to inspire others to become confident actors or actresses. I chose this because I was signed up for Hoxton Hall for Drama in Hoxton Market and when I performed, I felt like I could not do it.

Then, when I finished my scenes I took part in, I was very confident.

I will show you the four key feelings you need to know how to do.

  • Happy. If you’ve been accepted to a good secondary school. You need to show how you would feel. Your expression and your voice.
  • Sad. Someone who you’ve been close to passed away. You will need your expression and voice, like you have been chocking in tears or you are depressed. How would you feel in real life?
  • Angry. If you sister has broken your Xbox down the stairs. You will need your expression and your voice. You would scream, you would tremble. How bad would this effect you?
  • Nervous. If you moved from high-school to college, you would need your expression, your voice, like you were not sure if you could even go. What would you be going through, just because you’re moving away.

Now I’m going to show you how to do accents.

If you wanted to do a Nigerian accent, listen to: Nigerian shows, speeches, or speeches from the President of Nigeria, interviews, and look on Google for Nigerian names.

If you wanted a British accent, you need to listen to: the Queen’s speeches, you need to know how formal you need to be, and have manners. This can give you confidence in doign accents.

If you listen to my steps, you could be able to do acting and be confident in it! Thank you.