How to braid hair

Hello, I’m KKA I am going to tell you how to braid your hair.

(This is Syrone my BFF whose hair I’m going to braid)

I chose this fabulous topic because some people in Hackney don’t know how to braid their hair.

So, I am going to show you how it is done.

Where do you go to get your hair done?

After watching my amazing video you will be able to do it at home.

Step1: Before you do someone’s hair, wash it, dry it and comb it.

You will need: A hair brush and hair bands!

Step 2: Part the hair into 3 sections (1 strand on top of each other) and then braid.

You can do all types of braids: Fish tail and French tail ETC!

Happy Braiding! I hope you enjoy!