How to cut shapes

Hi, my name is Romarro! I’m going to teach you how to cut shapes.

The reason why I chose this move is because my friends and I used to dance it when we were younger.

So first, give yourself some open space.

Second, find somewhere with soft ground.

And third, wear grippy shoes. I recommend Air Forces.

  1. So first pivot your weak foot left and right on your toe. You can find your weak foot as it is the one that you cannot kick well with.
  2. Tap your strong foot up and down and forward and back.
  3. Swap feet for steps one and two.
  4. Repeat.

So now I’m going to show you how to do it.

Have a volunteer try the move.

This is a move that my friend taught me how to do. I think it’s really cool and I like to cut these shapes at school.

Thank you for watching my video. Please stay tuned for my other videos on how to dance.