How to dance

I am here to show you how to dance because I love it and some of my friends do too. I will be teaching you 4 moves.

What you will need:

  • Track suit bottoms.
  • Trainers.
  • A safe place to do it.
  • Music (A funky tune!).

Firstly, you move to the music. To get started on shuffling you place your right foot on the floor, and move it left and right. Only do it once because your left foot has to join in too. Move your right foot left and right and drag it back. Get your left foot and move it right and left, and drag it back. Keep doing it ten times.

Now to show you the front flip. Firstly, take a run up and put your hands flat on the ground. Push your legs back until they go over your head, then back on the floor.

Next move is the headstand. First put your hand on the floor, then bend your elbows. Put your knees on your elbows. Then, when you’re balanced, straighten your legs.

To finish your routine is the robot dance. First, stiffen your body, so when you move your limbs it becomes jerky. Then dance. Then, when you finish, pretend there is a button on your chest. Press it, then slowly relax your body.

Now put the moves together and show off your routine to your friends.