How to do a football volley

Hello my name is Daniel, and today I will be teaching you how to do a football volley.

Now you should be in a football pitch, or a football field.

Before that, take a pumped ball, trainers or football boots.

Now you are ready to go to the field, but don’t forget to take a person with you.

The person that you brought along with you, should be 14m down on the left side, and you should be 18m across the player with the ball.

The player with the ball passes the ball to you and then you get the ball after you pass the ball diagonal and the player on the left side gets it.

The player on the left waits for you and you should run 16m up.

When he is there the player on the right crosses the ball to you and the position you should be in the box, but a little bit close. Then you volley the ball with the lace and surely you will score!