How to do gymnastics

Hi guys!

Today, I’m going to show you how to do gymnastics.

First, if you’re doing this at home, I’ll advise you to do this in a very big space and have a big mat so you don’t have to this on a hard floor.

Secondly, I’ll advise you to wear loose clothes, so if you have a leotard that would be great but if you don’t have one, you can just wear leggings or jogging bottoms and a loose top or t-shirt.

So, we are going to start off by stretching.

First, step onto your mat and start off by rolling your head in circular motions (clock-wise) and then when you think you have stretched out your neck, do it again but the other way (anti-clockwise). Then when you have done that start by swinging your arms in circle motions forward on your left for 8 seconds then the same on the right arm.

Then go back onto your left arm and swing it backwards and then do the same on your right hand side for 8 seconds.

Now onto your hips; put your legs in a straddle position and put both hands onto your hips just swivel it in circle motions whilst standing up and do this for 8 seconds and I’m just going to say that we do everything for 8 seconds.

So, now we are going to sit down on the mat and straighten one leg and put the other leg on top (so around the thigh part) then grab hold of your ankle and try to draw a circle with you your foot and then do the same thing but with the other leg.

Now to do this next stretch go onto your hands (make sure your hands are flat onto the floor) and go onto your knees just like a cat and bend your back and your head (make sure your facing the floor) and then unbend your back until it makes a dish shape (make sure look up to the ceiling).