How to draw a bulging bemused bear

Why am I drawing it?

Well, I just find bears [with fish] so cute, like a cuddly teddy bear.

Also, it is a very easy thing to draw, but mostly cool and exciting.

How to draw the bulging bemused bear with fish [first head]

  1. First, the tiny eyes.

Draw the tiny eyes and make two round circles with a dot in the middle.

  1. Secondly, draw an upside down curved triangle for the nose.
  2. Fourth, draw two hemispheres for his ears, but on opposite sides.

Now, we are going to draw the huge tummy and hands because it is fat bear.

Now, draw a round circle for the tummy. Then draw the hands [or paws] as two circles.

Then we are going to draw the feet and paws.

Draw two semi-spheres together to make the feet, as well as the paws.

Then draw the rough feet or paws as three tiny circles.

Finally, how to draw the slimy fish.

And for the last part, draw any kind of slimy fish you want in-between the paws and we are done.