How to draw a swan

Hello, my name is Eleni/Helen, and today I will show you how to draw a swan.

I like to draw because it fills my mind with ideas, cheers me up, and relaxes my mind.

First, the materials are:

  • any colour of paper
  • a pencil
  • coloured markers
  • a rubber.

Let’s start with the swan’s beak.

Then start to make a semi-circle going down and keep going straight down.

Now come back towards the right side of the paper with one straight line and then make a zig-zag line towards the bottom.

Next, draw a line down sideways to make the wing.

Come back to the top and double the first neck line, then draw a horizontal line and link to the wing.

Copy the first wing to make the second wing.

If you want, you can colour your swan with orange, blue, and black coloured marker.

Use the orange for the swan’s beak, blue for the water, and black for the top of the beak.