How to draw with the master

Hello! My name is Maariya.

I’m here to teach you how to draw cute pictures. I chose drawing because I’m really awesome at it. I started drawing when I was three.

Before you start, the materials we need are: pencils, ruler, compass, piece of paper and rubber.

The environment best suited for you is a huge table, big space because you need to spread your arms, a calm room so you can concentrate and a bright place to see what you are doing. (Show them the materials.)

Firstly, I’ll be drawing a cute Santa dog. This is really easy to draw if you follow my instructions.

Step 1 Get your pencil and draw a circle.

Step 2 Draw the ear something like The Lady and the Tramp ears.

Step 3 This is tricky so follow me as I draw the body. I’ll draw this twice so you’ll get it.

Step 4 The face details are easy, but this might be tricky so you can make your own one.

Step 5 I’ll make a Santa hat and you can make your own design.

Secondly, I’ll be drawing a nice human. The materials we need are compass, pencils, rubber and pen.

Step 1 Get one compass and pencil and draw a head.

Step 2 Draw the body. Here’s a tip which is useful – don’t forget to draw the neck!

Step 3 Now you get creative with hair, face details and clothes.

Now you can draw, you can nearly be as good as me!