How to gain stamina

Hello, my name is Salahedeen and I come from a small village in Morocco called Assilah, which is in Tangier.

Today I am going to demonstrate how to gain stamina using a little bit of football skills and techniques. Without further or do let’s get started. Firstly, you never breathe hard when you start a sport because your stamina weakens and that is what we don’t want to happen. Secondly, you never start breathing deep when you get tired because that also weakens your stamina. If you are wondering what is stamina I will tell you right now. So stamina means ability to stay without getting tired.

A good way to gain stamina is breathing at the same pace throughout your sport that you are doing. Another good way is staying healthy. Now, staying healthy is not as easy as you think.

To keep healthy you need to show sacrifice in order to have a balanced diet.

A warning to all of you: never eat too much food in one part of the day, because that will make you feel lazy and tired. So what you should do is eat a little bit, but more than once a day. Once you do that you will feel renewed and energetic.

Another critical warning never eat then exercise; you must exercise, then eat. This will help you feel less lazy. Every time you come from a sport you must bath because the sweat that your body contains becomes cold and that could lead to devastating illnesses such as flu and bad colds. Now let’s do this on in action.

So let’s go ladies and gentlemen weeee! Aren’t you excited? Ok, that was a bit silly!

Good bye!!