How to make chocolate ice cream

Hello people out there. Who want’s to make an ice cream?

My name is Ilayda. I’m going to teach you how make an ice cream. It can be any type of ice cream such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but I’m going to teach you how to make a chocolate ice cream.

So, first you get your milk from the fridge. Then you get a bowl to put your milk in. When you have done that you get your delicious chocolate from the fridge. Now you add your delicious chocolate to the milk. Now when you have done that you mix it up so it will look like a milkshake.

Finally, when you have finished all of the instructions, it is time to put it in the freezer for maximum of 4 hours.

When the unwaitable 4 hours is up, it is time to taste the delicious looking ice cream! (YUM YUM)  Also don’t forget this: You could decorate your ice cream however you like!!

The place where you can buy this ice cream is from a cafe. Where it is beautiful, decorated with flowers on wall. It has a huge garden where you can sit down outside with the butterflies flying around. The frightening thing of the cafe is when you have to eat too much ice cream and no more ice cream left! That’s the place to buy outstanding popular ice cream. Trust me, it’s delicious!!

By: Ilayda