How to make lasagne

Hello my name is Nana and I’m here to show you how to make a supreme lasagne. I chose this type of food because it’s my favourite food in the whole wide world! Also I am a lasagne expert.

To make this lasagne you will need:

Foil, toothpicks, a grill, a frying pan and a lasagne dish. The next part is about ingredients – stay tuned!

Ingredients [spoken by somebody else]

You are going to need:

Tinned tomatoes, pasta sauce, garlic, minced beef, plain flour, milk, butter, tasty grated cheese and lasagne strips.

To make the lasagne layers you put in the dish tomato followed by the mincemeat and finally the pasta layer.

You can now cover your lasagne with grated cheese. Put the lasagne in the oven for 2 hours. If you want more information go the internet as I don’t know anything about lasagne except for the eating.

[Drum beat and cymbal sound effect]

Serve it with garlic bread, or salad, or bacon – delicious! THE END!