How to make reading fun

First thing to do is read the book.

Then, think about what you read so far.

Then take your time and draw it.

Or, you can do this in another way – like act it out with friends and family and please use this in drama and also English.

But there are ones that put too much effort in, you can just close your eyes and see what you can do.

In your endless dreams, you can do anything. Your mind is a place that you are free; there are no limits so no-one can take that gift from you.

So, try your best to dream. It’s a great place because no-one can tell you ‘no’. If they do – who are they to say that?

So just be yourself, and if you’re that person, fix your ways.

So many ways to read and if you have problems with reading, read more! If anyone calls you a nerd they are the ones who are missing out, so take this advice.