How to play football

Hello, my name is Patrick, and I am going to tell you how to play football.

I am going to tell you how to play football, because I like it and I think it is very fun.

I play football and my position is striker, and I score goals.

My favourite team is Tottenham and my favourite player is Erik Lamela.

To play football you need a football, an opponent, football boots, a pitch, and a kit. 360 is a good skill to use so you can get around people and score goals.

To do a 360 you need to put the sole of your foot on the ball, swing your foot round with the ball, and score!

Now I am going to do a 360 with an opponent. So watch me.

OK, now try this at home, but make sure you are with someone. Make sure you do not fall over. Here’s a tip, watch the video in slow motion.

You can learn other moves as well, like stepover and nutmeg.

Good luck and keep practising!

Thanks for watching.