How to play table tennis

Hello guys, this is DST! And welcome to my You Tube video.

Step 1) First of all have a table tennis bat, 2 table tennis ball 1 and a table tennis table 1.

Step 2) to start the match you need to hit the ball 3 times and then play the full match.

Step 3) When someone is out that’s when you need to stop playing.

Step 4) Second of all remember to have an opponent with you so you can play him in table tennis.

Step 5) Always remember to be confident.

Step 6) Now we will talk about hitting the ball-when you hit the ball never hit the ball really hard or even very soft because when you’re doing a rally it should be medium strength because it will not be to hard or soft it will be the same length as everyone.

Step 7) So, as me and Dylan do a rally, the ball goes high – that means it would be time to slam – but if the ball does not touch the table you are out. If the ball touches the table, the person that you are playing is out and you will still be on.