How to play tennis with your own hand

Hi, my name is Eren and today I will be teaching you how to play table tennis with your own two hands.

Ok, let’s get started with this now…

So, you will need a friend to play with you – it has to be at least two people to play this game.

Now we get a tennis ball then we first practise with yourself at first by just hitting the ball on the wall and then hitting it with your hands back on to the wall, you just want to do what you do in table tennis but with bats, let’s get a friend now so you want to get your hand ready so you can hit the ball, so you start of by bouncing the ball on your side of the thing were you are playing and you want your friend to hit the ball back on to your side and then you have to hit it back then forth and back again until you get the hang of it and you fail and drop the ball, when you drop the ball then it’s a point for the other player, whatever score you’re playing up to, when the other player gets close to the score the other person has to serve because its match point for them, when the other person gets to the score first the other player gets out but he can avoid that by saying replay which takes a point back, also when the scores are tied you go on to deuce and ads and the player that wins the deuce and ads then that means they have won the whole game.

The rules are:

You get 1 replay every match

If you couldn’t serve properly you can say first serve which you get another serve

There has to be a net in the middle, when the ball hits the net and lands on the other person’s side then that’s called net serve which you can also get another serve

If you beat a different player 3 times you get champions re-play which starts the whole match if you lose at the end of a match.