How to talk in class, without getting caught!

Hey, my name’s Kia and as you can tell by the title I am going to show you how to talk in class without getting caught.

Hopefully by watching this video you won’t get caught.

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If you’re going to dislike this video, exit it now because I don’t want any mean comments. Sorry if this doesn’t work for you, maybe your teachers are tooooo strict!

Talking to the people around you, or covering your mouth so the teachers don’t see, is NOT going to work at all.

So what shall you do? Well you could talk when the teachers aren’t looking but you never know, they could be watching you from the corner of their eye so don’t try that either. The best thing to do is talk quietly to the person sitting next to you and when the teacher’s looking, just pretend to cough or yawn so that they don’t notice. But if you want to talk to someone in a further distance, and there behind you, just say a few words at a time and hope that they will understand. Remember to keep turning back to the front so that the teachers don’t notice you.

If you wanted to pass notes, write a note and put it in your pencil case. Then walk over to the person you want to give the note to with your pencil case and say to the teacher “I’m just giving her or him a rubber”, or something like that. Then your friend can read the note and reply back. Then put the note back in the pencil case and throw or walk back over to give you back the “rubber” with the pencil case.

So that’s what me and my friends do in school and we haven’t been caught doing that!

Thank you for watching this video, again, try it and hopefully it work’s. Bye!