's Macaroni and spiced meat


My name is Helen/Eleni and today my dish will be macaroni and smashed meat, like it says on the title.

You will need a frying pan and a saucepan

First the ingredients are:

  • minced deer or smashed beef (450gr)
  • macaroni (1packet)
  • sunflower oil (4mediam tablespoon drops)
  • salt (as much need)
  • 1 onion
  • Tomatoes (half tin)

step 1

To make macaroni you need a saucepan and hot water.

Put any type of macaroni and put to boil for ten minutes.

step 2

While the macaroni is boiling you can do the smashed meat in frying pan, put the meat in frying pan and meanwhile stir the meat. After, chop the onion and put it with the meat then add the tomato. Try and smash the tomato to get the juice out. Put a pinch of salt.

step 3

Once the macaroni are cooked, switch off the fire and drain the water. Put the macaroni back in the sauce pan and add the minced meat to it and mix!

step 4

Sit at the table and enjoy your home hard cooked meal!