's make-up masterclass

Hi my name is Syrone and I am going to do a make-up tutorial with my friend Kedesha.
(Kedesha walks onto screen and introduces herself, then Kedesha sits down facing the camera.)

I like make-up because you can do stuff to make yourself look nice. My sister taught me about make-up because she works in a make-up shop in Westfield.

The first thing to put on is foundation. You need to blend it in so you have a natural look (I am going to talk and put the make up on Kedesha).

After the foundation, you can put on eye-shadow then lipstick (I will put the lipstick other make-up on Kedesha and explain why it is a good colour).

Thank you for watching my instructional make-up video. I hope you enjoyed it. Kedesha looks great!