's Mysterious polygon sandwich

Hi, my name is Keziah and I would like to share one of my favourite scrumchies:


Are you tired of coming home from a long day and there is nothing to eat? Well now you can make your own snack.

Well, only if you’re not lazy and tired that is. Well then, let’s get cracking.

First you need to know what the ingredients are, but before that we need to wash our hands.


  • You’ll need some bread (white or brown)
  • Next grab some veg of your choice carrot, tomato.
  • Get some herbs, like parsley
  • And a small drinking cup will do.
  • A small frying pan is ok.

To start with collect your bread (two slices are fine). Once collected, get your cup and make a hole in one of the slices.

After that, collect your frying pan and also butter. Carefully put your butter into the pan then put your bread inside and wait for it to start frying.

Once you see that it’s frying, crack your egg and wait for it to fry. You can choose … half cooked or fully cooked.

Once it is cooked, you might want to start making your veg. Now this is all up to you, so make it how you want.

However, I would recommend carrots and lettuce. Once done enjoy with ketchup.

Thank you for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipe on how to make my mysterious polygon sandwich.