's Outstanding and refreshing tropical juice

Hey everyone, my name is Kia, and I’m going to show you how to make an outstanding, refreshing tropical juice.

This drink is so worth making, it tastes fabulous!

To make this amazing drink the equipment you will need is:

a glass, a straw, a knife, stove, plate, a bowl and finally a pot.

To make the drink you’re going to need: grape juice, orange juice, cranberry juice or like whatever juice you like!

You will also need a lemon, strawberries, chocolate and hot water! Now, you’re ready to cook J

So, firstly you take your glass and place it in front of you. Next you grab your juices and one by one pour a centimetre of each juice until your glass is full.

Once the glass is full, halve your lemon and squeeze all the juice out of it obviously over the cup!

Next chop off the green leaves of your strawberries, but make sure not to halve them; meanwhile melt your chocolate by boiling the water for a few minutes over the stove.

Once the water is all bubbly place your GLASS bowl on top of the pot then break the chocolate into squares and throw it into the bowl and wait for it to melt, this should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the chocolate has melted, put the strawberries onto the plate and smother them in melted chocolate.

When you have finished that step, put the plate with the strawberries into the fridge so that the chocolate can freeze onto the strawberries and also put your drink into the fridge to keep it cool. After a while take your drink and strawberries out of the fridge and then put the strawberries onto the edge of your cup, that will give your outstanding, tropical drink a good look.

Finally all ya gotta do is put the straw in your cup then it’s ready to drink!

Thank you for watching, hope you enjoyed your drink and it tastes fabulous. Please comment, like and subscribe.