's Sensational Fruit Salad

Hello and welcome to Aylin’s Kitchen!

My name is Aylin and today we will cook… fruit salad!

Yes, you knew it from the title!

Fruit salad is very delicious; also very easy, with basic equipment and ingredients which you may be able to find at home!

This video is super easy and fun, so why don’t we start?

Firstly, for your equipment you will need a bowl, and it doesn’t really matter how small or big it is really!

Second of all you will need a tea spoon.

You will also need a knife and a plate, and if you are wondering for what, you will see when we start making our enjoyable fruit salad!

For our ingredients you will need, fruit (and any kind of fruit will do) however, because it is a fruit salad you should use fruit which is more suitable for making a fruit salad. So I will be making a summer style fruit salad, and here I have: watermelon, pineapple, mango and apple!

So we have all the ingredients and equipment, so it’s time to get started! Also, before we begin, we need to wash our hands!

Take your fruits, so I will first take my apple, and start peeling the skin off with the knife. Don’t forget to ask for an adult’s help to peel the skin off!