Simple steps to ride on the bike


Hello, as you can see I am riding a bike on the road right now so we are going to stop.

Hello again, I was riding but I now have time to stop and talk.

My name is Nana and I am here to show you how to ride a bike on the road (safely with a funny expression).

To be safe on the road, you will need a helmet, a bright jacket, (if riding in the dark) and gloves, if it is cold.

Starting on the gutter…

Firstly make sure that you can see through a cars back window to see if a car is coming.


Make sure the road is clear.

Look back one more time before starting.

And one more thing, make sure your pedal is starting near the chain.

If a car is coming, make sure you wait for them to go.

Watch me show you how to do it.

Now see me in action on the road! (click teeth)