's skipping masterclass

Hello, my name is Abdulrahmen.

I’ve been skipping for two years. I became an expert and mastered all the skipping techniques.

What you will need is: lots of space, no pets nearby, skipping rope, and shoes.

Normal skipping. Firstly we will start by doing normal skipping take the rope put your feet together. Put the skipping rope on the floor behind you. Flip the skipping rope up forward over your head. When it comes to your feet jump over it. Repeat these actions. If you like you can do another type of skipping by hopping on one leg.

Cross skipping. Now, we are going to do cross skipping. We’re going to do the same thing as normal skipping. Put the rope behind you, your feet together. Flip the rope over and jump but this time we’re going to cross the skipping rope. as the rope goes over your head move your hands together to make the rope cross. jump through the loop then make your hands apart again. your hands shold look like you are washing two tiny windows.

Running skipping. First set up like we did in the normal skipping, skipping rope at the back of you. Jump but this time you need to put a knee up high. Basically it’s like you are running or sprinting. Practice makes perfect.

Once you’ve learnt skipping you can often do more of it, but you won’t do it as good as me. Thank you for watching my fantastic video about how to do different types of skips.

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Thank you, bye and see you later.