's Spaghetti bolognese

Hi, my name is Khaya and I’ll be showing you how to make spaghetti Bolognese.

First, I’ll show you the objects you’ll need to make the spaghetti.

Ok, first you’ll need to get one pan and one pot, then a plate to put your spaghetti on, cutlery and a colander to soak out all the water from the pasta.

Now the ingredients: You’ll need pasta, pasta sauce, minced beef and, for a little extra touch to the dinner, you will need garlic bread.

And for the garlic bread I don’t make it from scratch I just buy a packet from the shop.

To make the pasta turn on the kettle (or just pour some water into the pot then turn on the stove) but if you’re not able to do that ask a parent/carer to help you. Then put the pasta into the pot and boil it.

Then, to make the Bolognese, light another fire on the stove and put a pan on top of the fire, then add some sunflower oil into the pan and wait till it starts to sizzle.

Then add the bolognese/meat into the pan and then just start too stir it around until it turns brown.

And then for the garlic bread you just take it out of the packet and put it into a bowl and then put it into the oven for a couple of minutes.