's Tasty boiled noodles

Hello viewers!

My name is Richmond and I’m going to be teaching you how to make tasty boiled noodles.

So, first you need to get all the ingredients you will need. Now, this is easy because all you need is a pack of noodle in a plastic bag (containing the noodle itself and some flavouring sachets – if you lost those the noodle would be plain and disgusting!).

You also need a pot, water and a bowl.

But, before all of that you need to find a shop. You can buy noodles in any supermarket, or just any small local shop.

Now, when you have all the ingredients required, you can start cooking.

Firstly, you will need to wash your hands.

Then, start tearing the bag containing the noodle and flavouring.

Then, get any small pot out and start filling it with a quarter litre of water. When you’ve done that, put it on the cooker/stove.

Now you can go back to the noodle block that you have torn out of its container and put it in the boiling water.

Leave it to boil for 5min; after that you can start to add flavouring and then leave the noodle to boil for 10-15mins.

In that time you can relax knowing that you’re going to taste your delicious noodle.

Now that the noodle is done you can taste your heavenly boiled noodles.